Cloud services.

Cloud services

The digitization of businesses and customers every year leads companies to face new technological challenges, new and bigger, in fact what was innovation today becomes obsolete next year, not to mention the channels of communication with suppliers, customers and employees that become increasingly high tech, in fact today with the advent of email, PEC, chatbot, messaging systems, etc.. would be unthinkable to write the classic letter to a customer.

In addition, companies collect more and more data of all kinds, often heterogeneous, and increases day by day the demand for storage space, perhaps shared between several offices of the same company in different locations or with employees in smart working remotely.

To help you cope with all this, we can guide you in migrating your infrastructure and business services to a cloud environment, such as Oracle Cloud (OCI), which would allow you to seamlessly scale each of your services automatically, thus being able to cope with discontinuous capacity requests by seamlessly managing peaks in real-time requests.

Another great advantage is the flexibility of the environment that allows you to create or delete new services (of any type) in real time without waiting or activation times, thus being able to immediately have everything your company needs.

You also get a great economic advantage derived from pay per use billed per second of use, which allows you to streamline business services by paying only for what you are actually using, compared to buying physical machines for every need and then having to worry about maintenance, physical deployment and various incompatibilities.