Cyber security.

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Analysis and PENTEST

Assessment of the current enterprise security situation in order to obtain a security and vulnerability report document

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Implementation of corporate security procedures and systems to increase the level of security in your company

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Managed services and SOC

Continuous management and monitoring of networks, procedures and business systems by us over time

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Provision of specific products and tools that can be used to improve safety in the company

Analysis and Penetration Testing

Issue of an in-depth evaluation document of the security status of the company, created through an in-depth analysis of procedures and tools used, as well as the implementation of penetration tests on company systems in order to discover any vulnerability that can be used to illegally enter the systems.

Particular attention is paid to the lifecycle of data stored within the company, which must conform to certain minimum security standards in order to guarantee the privacy of suppliers, customers and employees.

A key step in achieving an acceptable level of security is to first understand the current level, hence the usefulness of this type of assessment, which is also useful in assessing the company’s compliance with specific security and compliance standards or patterns, such as GDPR or PCI.

Update and adjustment

If you have been issued with an assessment document that reveals vulnerabilities or holes in your company’s security, we can take care of patching these vulnerabilities, thereby decreasing the danger of system compromise and data breaches and bringing your company up to certain compliance standards.

Compliance can address:

– Enterprise networks and devices, such as device hardening, firewall setup and additional security rules for networks, servers and devices;

– Enterprise software and programs, such as vulnerability patching or critical bug fixing;

– Implemented security procedures, such as implementing device fleet and employee management policies, staff roles and access.

Managed services and SOC

Do you need an internal security and compliance issue but your company doesn’t have the right resources or infrastructure? Outsource the management of corporate security: we will take care of your company in a continuous and continuous way, through the implementation of corporate security policies relating to personnel, access, roles, software, devices and corporate networks, policies that we will agree through regular meetings and whose effectiveness will be verified through the use of continuous monitoring systems.

We will also deal with the adjustment of the company and management of the fleet of devices, incidents and disaster recovery according to an SLA agreed in advance.


Already know what you need but don’t have the right tools? We can help you!

We are partners of many international security companies such as Sophos, so we can help you find the right product for your needs, through a targeted consultation in which we will discuss the security issues that concern you, the company resources and the type of infrastructure to be protected, we can in fact guide your choice on the products that could really solve your problems, saving you time and resources.